Love Middlesbrough

We're happy to announce, that our Website and Facebook page are now linked on the 'Love Middlesbrough' Website via their; Sponsorship and Charitable Giving page.

This page includes a whole host of other local charities, now, including New Horizons (Teesside).

You can find this page here;

Joshua Jones (Trustee & Member of the Board)

Donations and Volunteering

Currently we're working on a Donate Page and Volunteering Page.

The Donate Page will allow visitors to learn how donations benefit and actively help New Horizons (Teesside) and allow them to make a donation using the DONATE button on the page.

The Volunteering Page will allow visitors to see possible volunteering vacancies and options available with New Horizons (Teesside) and allow visitors to submit a Volunteer Request Form, that will forward your details to be reviewed for a volunteer position.

These pages are currently under development, keep posted for an update as they go live.

Joshua Jones (Trustee & Member of the Board)

Website Developments

In the coming weeks and months, the website is likely to undergo many changes, as the website as a whole is developed and fleshed out.

Various pages may be added and removed and features added and removed also in the meantime.

I'm urgently looking to add more colour and picture(s) to the pages to give the website more life and better reflect the image of New Horizons (Teesside) and allow users a better insight into the organisation itself.

You may have noticed in the Navigation Bar that a 'Facebook' link has appeared, if you click that link, you will be taken to New Horizons (Teesside)'s Facebook page, where you're able to Like and Share the page (we encourage you to do so).

Joshua Jones (Trustee & Member of the Board)

Website Update

The website for New Horizons (Teesside) has gone live.

After weeks of work and approval from the board, the website for New Horizons (Teesside) has gone live, regular updates to follow.

Over the next few months the website will be updated regularly and more colour and life will be added, in the meantime, the website is here to provide some information regarding the charity and how to contact.

Please share this website with family, friends and co-workers to increase awareness of New Horizons (Teesside)

Joshua Jones (Trustee & Member of the Board)