Organisation Charter

Involvement; is the means by which users and carers and New Horizons (Teesside) work in partnership to develop improvements within the service we provide.  It is how people can have a say in how services are provided.  True involvement is based on the following key principles;

  • User centered where their needs are put first
  • Being open and honest about the limits of the process and any time factor involved
  • Being clear about individual roles and why you are involving people
  • Accessibility
  • Respecting information offered by users and carers
  • Being able to show results
  • Accountability for producing these results

Empowerment; those who use the scheme should have a say in the level of involvement and support they want.  Schemes will ensure that people who want to, can influence and be involved in the running and management of the scheme

Accountability; New Horizons will have in place systems for the effective monitoring and evaluation of its work.  All those who use the scheme will have a named Support Worker and a means of contacting them

Supervision and Support; New Horizons will ensure that Support Workers are prepared, trained and supervised in their role and provided with opportunities to develop their skills and experience

Complaints; New Horizons has a written policy describing how to make complaints or give feedback about the scheme or about members of staff.  Where necessary, New Horizons will enable people who use our services to access external independent advice to make or pursue a complaint

Clarity of Purpose; New Horizons has clearly stated aims and objectives and be able to demonstrate how it meets the principles contained in this charter.  New Horizons will ensure that clients who they support, service providers and other agencies have information on the scope and limitations of our role

Putting People First; New Horizons will ensure that the wishes and interests of the clients they support are of prime importance.  Support Workers should be non-judgmental and respectful of client’s needs, views and experiences

Equal Opportunity; New Horizons has a written Equal Opportunities policy that recognises the need to be proactive in tackling social exclusion

Confidentiality; New Horizons has a written policy on confidentiality, stating that information known about a client is confidential to this organisation and any circumstances under which confidentiality might be breached